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The jumpstart programme

Sprintbase bridges the gap between design thinking training workshops and real life innovation project work. The Innovation JumpStart Programme is the fastest, most effective way to equip teams with sustainable, real-world design thinking confidence and skills. It brings world-class training from Treehouse Innovation and our partners IDEO and ExperiencePoint together with the virtual innovation project support capabilities of Sprintbase to ensure that skills and methods are practiced and embedded to yield tangible results.

Step 1

Sponsor meeting (60 min)

Sponsor meeting - step 1 of Sprintbase delivery model

Every SprintbaseTM project starts with short meeting between the project sponsor and a member of our team. This is where we:

  • Discuss background / objectives
  • Define the challenge
  • Decide on project duration
  • Set the teams
  • Schedule the workshop
Step 2

The workshop (1 day)

Design thinking workshop - step 2 of Sprintbase delivery model

MorningLearn design thinking

Using the award-winning gamiified workshop ExperienceInnovationTM from our partners IDEO and ExperiencePoint.

Our partners IDEO and ExperiencePoint

AfternoonLaunch team projects

Teams prepare to head out into the field to tackle a real innovation project using Sprintbase

Step 3

Sprintbase project (3days - 8wks)

Design thinking project step 3 of Sprintbase delivery model

Teams collaboratively apply what they’ve learned to tackle a real challenge. Using SpritnbaseTM, teams will:

  • Conduct field research
  • Form insights
  • Focus their challenge
  • Generate ideas
  • Create rapid prototypes
  • Get feedback and iterate

And produce a detailed Project Output PDF to show the results and tell the story of how they were achieved.

The design thinking innovation platform

Your ultimate innovation co-pilot

Sprintbase helps organizations drive continuous innovation, systematically tackle tough challenges, and build design thinking capability at scale.
  • Collaborate from anywhere using intuitive workspaces created expressly for innovation projects
  • Create tangible output, get fast feedback and gain early buy-in to new ideas and prototypes
  • Build design thinking capability with step-by-step guidance, tools and support

Designed by real experts, for real impact

Making innovation part of business-as-usual takes practice, support and real-life experience. Sprintbase was designed to help you put design thinking to work.
  • Informed by decades of design thinking experience
  • Ideal for new teams as well as old pros
  • Flexible enough to support multi-month projects as well as shorter innovation ’sprints’ lasting just days to weeks.

Talk to our experts to see how Sprintbase can help your organisation put design thinking to work

Step by step guided process

Define the challenge

Define the challenge
Meeting with the sponsor to define the sprint challenge, team and timing

1. Conduct field research

1. Conduct field research
Go forth into the field and share your findings

2. Form insights

2. Form insights
Take an intuitive leap to explain what it all means

3. Focus the challenge

3. Focus the challenge
Use your insights to focus your innovation efforts

4. Generate ideas

4. Generate ideas
Brainstorm lots of potential solutions

5. Prototype

5. Prototype
Create rough and ready prototypes of your best ideas

6. Implement

6. Implement
Build your implementation plan and a video pitch to share your solution.

Show the world!

Show the world!
Produce a PDF report of your entire sprint to show the world!

Collaborate on the go

Shared virtual workspaces, voting and chat facilities mean team members can work in the same room or on opposite sides of the world

Step-by-step guided process

Guides your team through the design thinking process with comprehensive instructions, videos and examples for every step

Flexible timescale

Scale your project from days to months using the interactive calendar to set the cadence that is right for your team

Support from Design Thinking experts

In addition to the built-in tutorials, we offer access to a range of coaching support packages

Learning while doing

Sprintbase helps teams get out there doing real work while actively honing their design thinking skills

Tangible output

Every project wraps with a detailed PDF report of the team’s output and how they got there - a powerful tool in telling the story of your idea and gaining buy-in

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